How much does a TV antenna installation cost In Melbourne?

In Australia, the average cost of installing a TV antenna is between $80 and 100 per hour. This amounts to a total price range between 250 up to just over 700. A number of factors can affect the price of antenna installation. Included are the location of your property, the complexity, whether the antenna is to be installed indoors or outside, the technician’s experience, and the type mount that will be used.

City Antenna Installation Cost (per hour)
Sydney $80 – $100
Melbourne $80 – $100
Brisbane $70 – $90
Canberra $70 – $90
Perth $75 – $95

Factors affecting the cost of a TV antennaHow much does a TV antenna installation cost

Installing a TV antenna can cost anywhere from 250to 700. The cost of antenna installation can be affected by a number of factors.

Installing the Antenna

The price of a TV antenna is affected by where it will be placed on your property.

Due to the risk of installing the antenna on a roof, the indoor antenna installation price is lower than the outdoor installation cost. The cost of installing an indoor antenna may be less than $150, while the cost to install an outdoor antenna may be more like $700.

The Area That You Live In

It is also important to consider the area of Australia where you live. This can have an impact on how much it will cost to install a TV antenna. If you live in a place where you can easily get a strong signal, the cost of installing an antenna will be lower. If the signal is weaker, it may be necessary to install more complicated equipment.

Size and Quality of the Antenna

Size matters when it comes to installing antennas. The installation cost will be higher if the antenna is unwieldy, large and difficult to handle and requires more than one person to safely and securely install it. Installing a high-quality, technologically advanced television antenna is more expensive than installing a simpler model.

Type of Structure on which the antenna is being installedHow much does a TV ATSC antenna installation cost

A ranch-style home’s TV aerial installation costs are usually lower than those of a multi-story commercial or industrial building. This is because it’s much harder, more complicated, and labor intensive to hoist and place antennas in multi-story structures than on single-storey buildings.

Price Estimates For Different Types Of Installation Options

The cost of installing different types of TV antennas can be higher because they require more knowledge, experience, and training.


Installing an indoor TV aerial is usually only 150 or 300, because it is safer and easier to use.


Due to the risk involved with installing antennas, outdoor antenna installation costs tend to range from $500 up to $700. In response to the increasing number of injuries among outdoor TV antenna installers, the government has mandated that they use safety equipment such as scaffolding. This will increase the cost of outdoor TV antenna installation.


It takes special knowledge and skills to install TV antennas in a loft. The cost of installing a TV antenna is higher. It is possible to keep installation costs down by keeping it indoors.


Installation of a digital aerial is generally more expensive than a standard aerial. It may be necessary to install additional wiring, electrical switches or other specialised equipment.

Price Estimate For Antenna Point Installation

What is Antenna point Installation ?

The installation of an antenna point is to create a spot on the wall, in any room that has been created as a outlet. The property owner can connect their TV easily to the antenna to get the best reception.

Antenna Point Installation Cost

In homes with only one TV point, the cost of installing an antenna point can be as low as 150. If you have more than three TVs and a multi-story home with stone, concrete or wooden walls, the cost can exceed $800. The cost of additional parts such as an amplifier, antenna or cable upgrades can also be high.

What is the Difference Between an Antenna and An Aerial?

The terms antenna and aerial are often used interchangeably. Although aerials and antennas look similar, they’re not the same. The aerial is a part of the entire antenna. Its role is to complete electrical connections between the elevated portion and the instruments known as the lead-in. The entire system that transmits and receives radio and TV waves is technically referred to as an antenna.


A radio or television antenna can both transmit and receive waves. The waves can be converted into electrical signals.


A aerial is the wire, rod or other structure of an antenna that receives radio or TV waves.


What is the average cost of digital aerial installation?

Installation costs for digital antennas in Australia are about 450. Digital antenna costs can be high if installation requires a lot of time and expensive equipment.

Installation Costs

The cost of installing a digital television antenna can range from $350 to over $750, depending on its complexity.

Replacement costs

In general, the cost of replacing a digital aerial can be as little as 300 when everything was installed by the original installer. If the customer wants to upgrade equipment or make significant changes, then the cost of a digital aerial can rise up to 300.

How to Hire an Antenna or Aerial Installer

  • Referrals from Family And Friends
  • Do Research Online
  • You can also contact local trade groups to find potential candidates

How To Create An Accurate Estimate

  • You can ask others what the installation of their TV aerial costs
  • Find out the average price of TV antenna installation online
  • Contact local trade organizations

Save money by hiring an antenna or aerial installer

  • Compare Installation Prices Online
  • Ask for Recommendations from Family And Friends
  • Contact Local Installer Associations

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