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Antenna Installation Melbourne With Kestrel


Frequently Asked Questions About Antenna Installations


We are willing to travel outside of our service area for commercial and residential projects. Contact us to see if your area is covered. We are located in Melbourne just outside of the CBD and service most of Melbourne and Victoria.

We work during the winter and can safely install or service your system with leaves on the roof or sometimes when wet.

If there’s a possibility that we may need to change the date, we will contact you. The majority of weather-related changes are caused by road conditions or lighting. By 7am on the day of service, technicians will make a scheduling decision and contact you. A technician will contact you if the weather gets worse as the day goes on. When technicians are on their way to your house, they will call you. If you have questions or concerns please contact us.

Even in the most remote areas we strive to get at least the major networks.  The number of channels you’ll receive depends on location and antenna. 

Antennas & Channels

It does not matter whether you have a digital antenna, an analog one or a HD antenna. Simple TV antennas receive VHF or UHF signals. A digital HDTV will display a HD channel if it is broadcasted in HD.

Sub-channels are extra channels transmitted simultaneously with the main channel.  For example, network channel displays as channel 9, the sub-channels display as 99 etc.

Yes, you can.  We can install your antenna to use with other services like streaming, cable or satellite.

The number of channels received varies by location and antenna system.  Most areas receive at least 20 channels.


If there are only minimal obstructions, smaller antennas can be installed in the existing satellite mounts. Satellites have a line-of-sight (one direction) tuning, so height is not an issue unless you need to “look” through trees or buildings. They can be mounted to lower roofs, or even on a short pole buried in the ground. This is not ideal for OTA antenna installation. Mounts are best attached to the roof peak or at a place where the mast extends above the peak. Contact us with a photo of your existing mount.

Yes, there are several DVR’s on the market specifically designed for OTA use.  Some require a subscription while others have no monthly fees.

We Usually do not place antenna or do wiring from attics. Call us to talk about your situation.

We do not do wall fishes. If needed, we recommend companies like electricians and custom home wiring experts.

Warranty & Repair

Our Digital TV Antennas come with a 10 year installation and manufacturer warranty. If you ever need support or warranty, call our friendly team and send us a picture or description of the issues and on most circumstances, we will be out the same day!

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